Our Current Projects

Examples of what we can do for you.

Meteor Sites

We are currently interested in the Meteor full-stack JavaScript platform. One interesting client project is an electrical energy usage graphing prototype. You can see it here: Energy Graph Prototype (click Connect). We are also working on two other Meteor-based sites: Chess Training and Good Habit Formation.

Bike Shop Point of Sale

The Bike Sale System works at the point-of-sale of retail bicycle shops and also provides back-office support for daily takings, banking and sales and inventory reporting. It runs on Mac OS X and can provide multiple points of sale.

Main Point of Sale Windows

Main Point of Sale Windows

iOS App

We've release a Core Data-based iPhone/iPad application which helps people make complex decisions based on their own life values. Preview it at moredecisive.com.

Decide App Screens

Main Decide App Screens

Internet Development & Marketing

We have created Internet Marketing-style websites for our clients using Drupal (used by The White House and Fedex). Our specifically-configured Drupal sites offer the following benefits:

Communication, Community

  •     Contact Form
  •     Optional Forum
  •     Optional User Accounts
  •     NewsLetters
  •     Social Networking


  •     Automatic Redirection
  •     Optional automatic human-readable URLs
  •     Siloing Support
  •     Privacy Policy, Terms of Use
  •     Google Analytics
  •     Auto generated XML Sitemap

Content Management

  •     Blog, Book, Articles, Pages
  •     Comments on all content types
  •     Configurable menus
  •     Wyziwyg editing
  •     Precise version control
  •     Roles and permissions-based Security and Collaboration


  •     Built-in Cache of Javascript, CSS and blocks
  •     Scalable to Multiple Servers
  •     InnoDB database table type


  •     Optional Facebook integration
  •     Optional use of over 16,000 modules
  •     Optional Mandrill SMTP Mail Server for high delivery email
  •     Optional custom ad hoc PHP blocks
  •     Optional E-commerce, shopping cart


  •     Automatic mobile device support
  •     Configurable color scheme
  •     Highly configurable Template
  •     Standards compliant HTML/CSS & wide browser compatibility

Spam Control

  •     Identification of bots & spammers without annoying Captchas
  •     Blacklist filtering
  •     Heuristic Comment spam identification
  •     Honeypot (seduces spambots)
  •     Easy Spam Comment IP Firewalling

Maintenance & Backup

  •     Automatic Database Backup to Amazon S3
  •     Remote update, backup and maintenance with Drush (Drupal Shell)
  •     Automatic Cron Maintenance
  •     Optional Database Logging & Statistics

Here are some other sites we've developed:

Software, Consulting

Health, Beauty, Love, Family


Make Money


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